Friday, 26 October 2012

It's been A While...

But I have been very busy - honest!!

On the home front - Lauren has settled into her nursery well and is doing fantastic. Coming home with paintings daily, she is a true little star.

My eldest, who has special needs, had a review at her school too. She is moving up to secondary school next year so we have also been to see that and meet the staff.

My middle one, my little superstar, has lived up to her name. There was a Harvest Festival at her school and she played a leading role and was amazing. She has joined the Glee Club too and is singing her little heart out at every turn.

My husband is still working away, but that's ok, because while he is not here I am busy decorating the house. My girls chose what they wanted in their rooms so after a coat on the bathroom which really, really did need doing, I started their bedrooms.

Here are their bed spaces after a coat of paint and some girly accoutrements...

The top two belong to Victoria and Hannah respectively, They share a room. Hannah is the eldest, Victoria the middle one. The bottom pic is Lauren's room - she is just 3.

They all love their new spaces. So much better than the uninspiring greyish blue colour they had on their walls before. Bedtime is a pleasure for them now.

So after doing their spaces I have organised what I will do with the master bedroom and plan to start that soon, then its on to the downstairs.

After a major declutter too this week I started the downstairs by painting my pantry. Its now just a plain white room and looks much brighter and cleaner. The living room and dining kitchen still need doing but I can't do everything at once!!

So what stitchy news??

I lost my bug. For the longest time. I hated being without stitching in my hands but when I had it it just wasn't doing anything hence me putting it away completely and getting cracked on with the house.

I did pick Avarice up again though...... and completed row 2 - pages 11 and 12.

Its a horrid, horrid pic, I am so sorry. Dreadful light and a camera phone. But you get the gist. She is looking fabby. I love her. Since my bug is back I have managed in the last few days to average 700 stitches a day on her.

Anyway, that's my news. Sorry to all my followers (and welcome to the new ones!) about how long its been since I blogged but I am sure you all understand how life can creep up on you.

Until the next update