Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Hallowe'en everyone!

Here is a seasonal pic for you - Lauren and her punky. Bless her she can't manage to say Pumpkin!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Oh where do I start??

So much has happened since I updated this blog. I am so naughty not doing it but I am sure you will understand why.

I have  been having a really tough time with my MH. I went off my meds for a while and didn't cope too well. It was a silly thing to do. But I am back on now and sorted. I think the pressure of the move got too much and rather stupidly I thought I could cope better without my little pill.

I have been quite ill too. I had tonsilitis which I recovered from after about 2 weeks then another cold hit me. I feel like I am about to come down with something again so I am fighting it. I know why. I am run down .. See next paragraph.

The move. Well. Nothing is happening. Still. I have done nothing but be on at my Solicitor and try and get things going but to no avail. Our sellers seller has managed to produce contracts so we are at enquiry stage.

I should explain that the UK house purchase system is IMO old and antiquated and the wheels move slowly. For a straightforward purchase of a new build property its usually around 6 weeks but when you are buying an existing property that can increase to around 8 weeks. Of course when there are people buying from you or selling to your seller then it can take exponentially longer..The timings allow for searches to see what services go to the property, the ground it stands on, the surrounding area, to check for relevant planning permissions to be in place etc etc. Also you obv have to get a mortgage secured too. Its such a long slow process that conveyancing solicitors really know how to make their money. Anyway.

This move is affecting my physical and mental wellbeing. It needs to happen soon. otherwise I will be cared off to the funny farm in one of those white coat thingys.

Stitchy news. Not done much. I made a Biscornu for a forum exchange, pic to follow once the recipient has it. I am hoping to get stuck back into Avarice at some point this weekend. The girls are off for Half Term at the moment so I am savouring time with them. Of course I have been packing stuff too so  while not stitching I have kept myself busy.

Avarice as I left her:

Today's agenda is to sort out their pit of a bedroom. I left it tidy at the start of Half Term and now it looks like someone dropped a grenade in it and wandered off. They are all going to help.

I think I have about covered things. I have kept up with other blogs on my lost over there --->

I missed IHSW this month as I was just too busy/stressed/ill. But next month... I will be baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Till next update (hopefully not as long!)


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Did it again..

Long time no post.

Long time no stitch either

Have completely lost my mojo at the moment. Been  busy with house stuff and am absolutely shattered. Last thing I think about is stitching.

The house:

2 problems have arisen there, firstly our seller is buying and their seller has not informed their solicitor yet! So it looks as though its going to be a good few weeks yet.

The conservatory is built on a sewer. Necessary permits were not obtained and so it has to have indemnity insurance on it now which our sellers will have to pay for. Another delay.

The move:

I am a good way packed and sorted at home. Hubby had a few days off this week so I got him stuck into the man areas of the house so I actually feel as though I have made progress.


Its  his birthday today. (1st Oct) and what did we do? Had a bloomin fight :( Sorted now, but I feel awful about allowing it to escalate so far that we were fighting.


All being pain in the bums. I am sure they are as affected by this move as we are although I have tried my best to keep things on a constant for them. Hannah,. my eldest, took herself off to the park the other day and I was so cross with her. She was meant to be popping to our local shop for some vegetables for me and another neighbour called me to tell me where she was. Very irresponsible of her so the trust I had built with her has been damaged somewhat.
Victoria has been getting herself into a tangle about her new school. She hasn't even seen the place yet and is already saying she dosen't like it. They have a full programme of after school activities and all sorts to keep her going.
Lauren - well. Her speech is coming on so good you can't shut her up! :D


Not a damn thing done!! I need to get my bum in gear and make a put but I am just so blah at the mo. Tiredness taking its toll.

Oh well. Thats it for this mammoth post. Off to the Ice Hockey tonight with the kids. Maybe after that I will feel like picking up my needle...