Friday, 25 May 2012

IHSW, TUSAL and WIPocalypse!

Short post today. No main computer! I am posting from my Tablet.
Luckily IHSW< the WIPocalypse and TUSAL all came within days of one another so I can condense into one post. And I am late posting this!!
I worked on WIzard of Oz for both IHSW and the WIPocalypse. I need this piece finished.. and soon! About 8 weeks left. I also came by a posilock stand ready for my next start. Once WIz is done I am starting Dahlig's Firefly.
My ORT jar looks good too.. Lauren is my model for it this month... She is well recovered and was more than happy to pose with it! I will squash my thread down too although there is still loads of space in the jar.
Opinions sought... I often stitch up little cover kits that I get on the front of magazines. I am usually left with threads over. What do you do with them? Do you add them to ORT's? Or put them in your stash to use on a different project? I have a box with some in and I have hesitated to add them to ORt's as it almost seems like cheating??
Anyway onto the pics! I have a feeling they may be skewed... urgh. Once I get my computer back I will turn them.
Turned out to be a longer post than I thought...

Monday, 14 May 2012

Pics as promised!

Well its been a busy week.

This last week Lauren has continued her recovery. I have had all sorts going on too. A pre school place for her, and my middle daughter's birthday. She had a party for a few friends and crafted jewellery boxes and picture frames and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

My work: Well. I have started the QS Wizard of Oz (Gustafson) for my Sister's birthday. I am doing this one cross country and using up threads from my stash while writing a thread list for the remainder. I have Too. Much. Stash. I am trying not to buy... sitting on my hands... but anyway. Here is a so far pic.

I see the start of a tin man!

I am working this on an 8" hoop so you can understand the scale. its only a small piece but one over one on 25 count makes for small stitches!

This is one WIPocalypse piece, the other of course being Avarice. I said I had put her down while working on Wiz but.... I didn't... hehe... so I did a bit more on her.

Getting through the confetti slowly. I can't wait for the gems to be finished!

So that's my WIPocalypse pics. There have been a couple of fabric swatches for cards too, but I am not showing those as the recipients may well read this!

I got a rather nice gift this week. 2 RAK charts. Lance and Guinevere (Fenech) and Sistine Chapel. Both HAED pieces. Takes me up to 10 now!!! 

That's it for now


Saturday, 5 May 2012

Home at last!!

My daughter was finally discharged from hospital today. What a terrible fortnight we have had.

Happy to report she is on the mend, fast asleep in her own bed and happy to be here with her sisters.

We still have antibiotics for her and she has to return for outpatients next week.

My stitching - not done alot! I have some cards to do and I will share a pic of works in progress for the WIPocalypse when I have daylight and can take a decent pic! For now here is one of Lauren earlier, enjoying some ice cream.

Thank you those of you who have been following her illness and saying a little prayer, all gratefully received!


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It's my blogaversary!!

Many many thanks to everyone who has read, commented, taken part in or otherwise these last 12 months.

I promise to do another update soon - suffice to say my daughter is on the mend slowly but surely