Monday, 23 January 2012

IHSW and TUSAL report

So we had the first IHSW of the year and its TUSAL time too - nice coincidence!

Mm which to do first???

Ok then. IHSW it is. I worked on Avarice, as she is my WIPocalypse piece I decided to spend the time on her.
I only had a limited IHSW as my finger is either fractured or very badly bruised. What I had to do was train myself to use my index finger underneath my work as a guide rather than my middle finger. Was a bit awkward but I got some done.
I had visitors this weekend, my Mother and husband came for Sunday lunch and I spent a good part of the day with them. Anyway here is my before pic:

I am getting through that gem. Lots of confetti and its been a right royal pain in the bum. I am looking forward to the areas of block stitching to be honest. However I plodded through as I want to do this piece in order rather than dart from one area to another.

So we come to the after pic:

And with what I have done during daylight today its getting there. I have probably only got about 400 stitches in the entire weekend. A poor show really from me, but broken fingers and lots of confetti makes for slow going.

So now what about the TUSAL? I hear you ask...

Well I had quite a quandry about it. I joined up last November and thought that I would be well back stitching... broken fingers and house move notwithstanding... anyway.

My first problem is what do I put my ORT's in?

For most thats simple, but I live in a home with 3 enthusiastic girls where things get knocked, banged, broken, lost, found, lost again,... etc etc. I decided on a pasta sauce jar. Then I changed my mind.

I got a really nice jar that had coffee in it.. with a clear glass lid and bung so it will stay sealed up. As long as its kept where it won't be broken it'll be great. And I intend to fill it by years end.

Here it is:

A few threads from Avarice line the bottom.. its a BIG ol jar.... pic taken on my windowsill in the winter sun so it picks up some of the colours. Loads of browns, creams and greens in there.

So that's the lot for Jan TUSAL and IHSW. Full stitchy update and WIPocalypse update soon


Thursday, 19 January 2012

IHSW approaches!

And I have managed to break a finger! Child related accident. In stopping her from doing something she shouldn't I managed to bend my middle finger back and crack! ouchy! So I have some strapping and a buddy for it. Its my left hand and I am right handed so I can still do most things.. although they do take longer!

Anyway, to find out more about IHSW or indeed sign up you can either click the image over there <--- or click here and go to the lovely Joysze's blog.

IHSW and the first TUSAL pic of the year coming up after the weekend.


Thursday, 12 January 2012

So today its my Birthday

I woke up and opened this stack of cards:

The cards were from forum buddies and family.

The looked like this:

And this:

And some of them contained these:
How lovely!

I also had 2 HAED charts RAK'd... Dahlig's Doves (on my wishlist) and Dahlig's Firefly

My Mother in Law bought me chocolate and gave me money to spend at HAED

My Mum bought me a bracelet and also gave me money to spend at HAED

My lovely flowers were from my Sister

My darling husband is taking me out to dinner on Saturday when he is home and then Sunday we go to Ice Hockey with the girls

So its been a smashing day.

Turning 37 is not so bad after all  :)

Monday, 9 January 2012

January WIPocalypse

Well I worked on Avarice. I didn't get a whole lot done as once again I have not been well and of course still unpacking boxes means there is a limit to my stitching time.

Anyway I am halfway through page 4 so here is my latest pic of her:

Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Very Special Request

For this very special little lady

Aillidh has Leukaemia and is in need of a bone marrow transplant.

Please, I urge each and every one of you to sign up to the bone marrow registry wherever you live.

There are many people out there like Aillidh, and a serious shortage of donors, especially men. So get your sons, husbands and other significant fellers in  your lives to put their names down too.

What started off as a bruise and subsequent infection ended with this precious girl in hospital having Chemotherapy over Christmas. She is in isolation as her immune system is weakened by therapy at the moment.

Please help, Sign up today. Do something amazing in 2012. Save a life. Sign to the bone marrow registry, the cord blood registry, the blood donation service and of course be an organ donor. Thank you.

(Picture shared by kind permission of Aillidh's family)

Friday, 6 January 2012

A note about Copyright

I was saddened to read this from Michele, the owner of HAED on Facebook today. I know the vast majority of us obtain our charts from the author/Designer or from a recognised outlet, but it seems that one of Michele's regular customers has uploaded HAED charts (as well as a couple of other big names) to a site which allows people to download them free.

"I am so frustrated and I just got word that a regular customer for the past 5 years has been uploading our charts to a well known infringer site. Why do people do this? If we make it another year due to people uploading our charts I will be surprised"

If the charts were each downloaded just once, from the amount this person uploaded to the infringer site Michele is out of pocket by some $22,000. Its a disgrace. The woman has stolen Michele's (and her contributing artists) work. Although I see little for this woman to gain from what she has done, Michele and HAED have lost a whole lot more.

I sincerely hope that HAED dosen't have to fold over this, and the person concerned is prosecuted. I would love to see the infringer site taken down but that is a whole other process and the matter in hand for Michele at the moment is the current theft.

Please, don't accept copies, buy from your designer/author or recognised outlet. Don't let copyright infringement ruin our hobby.