Finally! My framing Tutorial!

When I stitched the Wizard of Oz I decided I wanted a rustic theme for framing it and to add depth and dimension.

Lots of pictures!

1) Dry stitching in a tub with a sponge ready for cleaning.

2) I added some warm water and some laundry detergent. A non-biological or woolen blend detergent is best.

3) The scary bit! I put the stitching in and blotted with the sponge on the stitched area to agitate out any grease/dirt from the stitches.

4) Clean water rinse until the detergent has gone and it runs clear. Worth noting here that I use DMC floss which is colourfast.

5) Put stitching somewhere not in direct sunlight laid flat to dry (Note the patriotic towel of the Union Jack purchased to celebrate HRH Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee!)

6) Gather materials for the framing. At this point start turning out craft boxes while muttering some swear words under your breath because the &^*(£$* double sided tape is nowhere to be found even though you moved at least 2 rolls 24 hours before. Go on school run in a huff and purchase more tape.

7) In keeping with the rustic nature I put some yellow over the white aperture of the frame insert.  The aperture was the wrong shape anyway. I cut the fabric after deciding how much excess I wanted to show and frayed the edges. The yellow card was mounted with sticky pads to give dimension and the cross stitch piece with the double sided tape after I gave it a light press once dry.

8) A blue bow in the  bottom left to pick up the blues in the picture finished the piece and as you can see, the recipient.. my lovely Sister.. was delighted with her gift. Happy Birthday Sis xx

(Disclaimer: This method is my own and no responsibility is accepted for anyone following these instructions and not getting the desired result.)

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