Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A Review for Yiota!

Look what arrived on my doorstep! More stash....

A lovely kit of The Parthenon from Yiota's XStitch!

I am quite looking forward to stitching this one. The kit has Evenweave fabric (available on request) and lots of lovely Madeira threads all wound onto bobbins - and on the chart key there is a handy conversion to DMC so if you choose to restitch the kit and cannot find Madeira threads you won't be stumped. I don't think I have ever stitched with Madeira threads so its going to be a new thing for me.

Love the chart. Clear symbols - reminds me of Heritage kits. Excellent fabric quality too. Love that you can choose kit, fabric and only pattern if you prefer.

I spent quite a while browsing the site before I picked this kit. There is lots to see on there. Even Hubby got stuck in telling me which he liked although he dosen't stitch himself.

An excellent choice if you want something a bit different! Here is the address for her site
Further stitchy update soon - I actually did some! I shut my Facebook account for the time being and have been sorting the rest of the house but I have managed to spend time stitching in the evening if only for an hour :)


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Feb TUSAL report

I realised about 5 minutes ago that I was due to post this....

Here is my TUSAL jar. Lots of black in it from gridding and some coloured stuff from little swatches and theWIPocalypse stuff I did.

The saddest IHSW post.... Ever!!

This is as far as I got!! Life ran away with me taking my stitch bug with it.
Hubs is off work with a bad back and the tail end of half term meant that i did nada.
I promise I will do better next month.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

WIPocalypse February - with a twist!

February has come around really fast! It seems like 2 minutes since we were all ringing in the new year!

For my WIPocalypose post there is a slight twist! Nothing is ever simple with me!

My first pic - Avarice. Here she is as she stands after the last IHSW and a bit more besides:

Getting there with her - slowly but surely. I have largely put her down for now.. further explanation down the post!

Pic 2 - an actual finish! I found this kit and I had done a few stitches so I decided to finish it and add it to my WIPocalypse:

A vary sweet small alphabet sampler with ducks and a lovely rose topiary.

My 3rd.. a progress pic. I picked this up having done the black and white on it but he looks less gloomy now!

I love Eeyore. Who dosen't??

My last pic is my twist... I decided to downgrade my stash so  this month I made a massive effort sorting out stuff for ebay and I have (so far) this much... after putting 15 items on ebay already here is what's left to do:

Kits, a frame that I no longer use, chartbooks. embellishments., charms.. all that stuff. Need the funds as we discovered a few urgent jobs to be done around the house.

So there you have it. While I haven't been stitchy stitchy I have been WIPocalypsing... I see a good old clearout as a completion of a task I have been wanting to do and just not got around to it. I have been gridding fabric for a friend too as I can do that almost without thinking about it!

Happy Stitching everyone!


Friday, 3 February 2012

Keeping Busy!

So much happening at the moment

Been busy sorting out the last vestiges of the house move and doing a final bits and bobs sort through.

Lauren is keeping me on my toes, she has decided that now is a good time to potty train <sigh>

Sorted through my craft stash and I have put some on ebay with more to do (see my for sale tab for a link to my stuff)

And a million other things besides!

Its my Mum's birthday on Monday and Ice Hockey all weekend - and we are apparently expecting up to 4 inches of snow in the UK. That'll be the country grinding to a halt again(!)

I want to sit and stitch but I keep finding stuff to do!

Anyway, must dash - got a house that needs attention and a big ironing pile...