Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Heaven and Earth Designs

Sad to bring my stitchy friends the news that due to continued copyright infringements and the knock on effect of a downturn in sales the Heaven and Earth Designs site is considering closing.

I am a massive fan of HAED and I have a whole heap of their beautifully produced charts on my to do pile and in my wishlist!

Here's what a lady on Facebook has to say to her friends:

"You've all seen my beautiful Nautilus Princess i just finished cross stitching. It was charted by a company called Heaven and Earth Designs which are in danger of having to close down due to loss of sales from copyright infringement :( If you have an intrest in cross stitch please join and support HAED Appreciation Week starting Sept 10. Even if you don't like cross stitch but know someone who does you can send them a Random Act of Kindness (RAK - a chart purchased throught the website and emailed to the person) throught the HAED website. Every sale helps and charts are not expensive starting at around $9usd (and not all are as big as Nautilus Princess either!)"

Great idea. Even if you would not tackle a HAED design there is a way you can help. Buying direct from them is the first one and, as this lady says, participating in RAK is another.

On Facebook there is an event concerning this to offer Michele and Bob our support.

If you can't see this then please feel free to add me as a friend and I will point you in the right direction.

Don't allow copyright infringement to ruin your hobby! Don't accept it!

Thanks for reading


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

August IHSW, TUSAL, Holiday and other news!

So I had a holiday. a week in Wales

We had good weather and bad weather but as per the previous post I was quite unwell throughout it. My chest infection properly took hold and although I tried not to let it interfere with my holiday then what happened? It took my stitchy bug!

I barely put in 50 stitches on Avarice. All week. When I came home I got out my stitching on a sunny day to sit in the garden and this happened:

And thats all. Nada else.

It isn't even worth posting a pic of my TUSAL jar. Its not changed since last month.

Our holiday was, on the whole, fabulous. We got to explore where we haven't been before, and refresh our memories on places we have been and people we have met in the past.

I got some lovely stitching stash, I won;t share it now but I will next post.

Its early in the AM here in the UK and I got the news a couple of hours ago that my Mother is seriously ill in hospital. I needed something to do while I wait to be able to go to her and blogging seemed perfect. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that she pulls through. She is currently on an assisted breathing device.

Til the next blog... think its WIPocalypse soon??


Friday, 10 August 2012

A week's rest and relaxation!

Off for a week's holiday tomorrow.

In the nick of time really as I am unwell with a chest infection.

Taking Avarice with me. The place we go is very rural with no tv/radio/phone signal so the girls play and I stitch, hubs reads and we all get a buzz from going back to basics.

Expect a mammoth post when I get back - and by my reckoning it will be IHSW! Joysze if you read this then sign me up when you put up the post!!

Til next weekend

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Avarice page 9 finished!

Woo hoo!

This has been a lovely page to stitch. I have enjoyed every single stitch of it. The bodice of the dress coming out from under the needle was something else.

Parking certainly seems to work for me too and I think I will continue doing it.

I need to take the grid out but I will leave it until the piece is finished.

Onto Firefly now..


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Little Update! (And WIPocalypse too!)

Week 2 of our children's lengthy summer school holidays and we have had not much other than rain! Had some lovely sunny days but the rainy ones seem to overshadow those. Ho hum. Soon off on Holiday :)

Olympic fever has hit Britain with the Opening Ceremony last weekend. I don't watch a whole lot of Olympics to be honest. I can see the attraction for some but for me its take it or leave it.

On Facebook in a HAED group there was a post about Olympic Starts - so I decided to start one. Since finishing Wiz I have worked on Avarice but I wanted another project. I am not disciplined enough to rotate properly though and I find myself working on both projects in the same day.

My Olympic Start:

Firefly - Another Marta Dahlig - was really always on my list for the next start. I did have a brief though that I might want to start Sistine Chapel but I soon put that one away for a little while at least.

3 days of stitching in:

Its all 310 on the first page bar one stitch of 3799. I don;t mind. People said I should stitch it up on black but I want to do the background. Anyway that is about 2000 stitches.

So I worked Avarice too. Further down there is the last update from IHSW but as you can see the carrying threads is really paying off for me.

The bodice of her dress is absolutely beautiful. Is there any wonder I just can;t put this piece down for any length of time??

Anyway, next update is a page finish :)