Saturday, 28 April 2012

IHSW April post

No pictures i'm afraid... yet.

On my last post I mentioned that my youngest, Lauren was in hospital. Well, we still are.

Lauren has silent pneumonia complicated with empyaema - fluid between the lung and the chest wall.

We are currently in our regional children's hospital and she has a chest drain inserted to drain off the pus, a picc line to administer meds and is on constant monitoring.

It';s been a very worrying week. It all started with an uncontrollable temperature. 2 visits on consecutive days to my doctor and she said it was nothing more than viral. On the third day (last Saturday into the early hours of Sunday) Lauren started vomiting pain meds back so I rang for medical help. The consensus was to take her in to my local accident and emergency department and have her looked over

The A&E doc concurred with my GP but referred us up to the paediatric ward. She was seen then and again, sent home as now 4 doctors had seen her, examined her top to toe and listened to her chest but nothing was heard.

Fast forward to early hours Monday and Lauren came into my bed in the night, struggling to breathe. I rang the paediatric ward for advice and they said to bring her in.

Within minutes of us arriving, it was discovered her blood sats were very poor for her at 82%, her pulse was racing, and her temperature was fast heading towards the 40 degree mark. Immediately she was x rayed and it was discovered that she was alot sicker than we first thought. Within the hour we had the diagnosis.

The following day we were transferred to our local children's hospital where we still are.

So naturally I haven't done a stitch!

I will post a further update soon xx

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Short post today, nursing a sick child :(

Will do a full post with IHSW report


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Spring Cleaning!

So yesterday and today I began my ritual spring clean. After the Easter break I usually set about decluttering my house.

Even though we only moved a short while ago there is still a fair bit to do!

Yesterday we had some conifers removed from our garden. I would have liked to have kept them if they could have been topped properly but the previous owner took no care of them apart from a shoddy topping and in the interests of safety(fire risk, already scorched) and security, and good neighbourly relations they had to come out.

I spent a good while yesterday clearing up after the kids half term craftathon. They get out cutting and sticking, collage, drawing, crayons, all that stuff, and as with all kids not all of it gets put away.

I have started getting rid of some stuff on ebay and resolved to list at least 2 things a night.

Today I did my usual daily clean then I worked in my sitting room putting back books and tidying up behind one of my sofas. Tomorrow I will do the other sofa and toy area.

In the garden, I repotted a plant that has been waiting to be done for some while now and planted some seed potatoes, then Lauren and I planted tomatoes, chillis and sunflowers and they are propagating away.

My stitching - well I began the project for my Sister. I am using up bits of my stash thread before buying more and I will top  up the threads I need for Avarice too while I am at it. I ordered a seat stand as I am having trouble with my wrists and fingers on my left hand from holding the hoop so I hope that helps.

I will post a pic soon!


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Avarice top row finished!

I completed pages 5 and 6 late last night. The top row is now done!

Some pics: Top left side

Top right side

Complete top (sorry the ends are a bit chopped off but you get the idea)

Its been hard work and 39,200 stitches but I finally did a row. I can't wait to get cracking on page 7! But I have to take Avarice out of rotation now as I have a piece to do for my Sis' birthday - yes its that time again! This time I am making her the QS Wizard of Oz from the HAED site. I made a start last night, gridded up some fabby and put on some stitches. I am doing this one cross country and trying to use up my stash thread before buying any more so I am doing the colours I have then I will buy the colours I  need to complete it.

That's the lot for now!


Saturday, 7 April 2012

WIPocalypse April

I am still working on Avarice. I haven;t lost steam just yet so I am taking advantage of that. I am a column plus the filling in the picture away from finishing the top line.

Sorry I don';t know why the pic is so dire.

I estimate there are 1500 stitches left there to fill in that page finish.

Next post *should* be a page finish one :)

Til next time


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Finish Friday Blog

A new blog has arrived!

Thanks to Julie and Yes Dear for posting this!

Time to celebrate all those finishes!

I love looking at finishes - especially HAED and here is a new blog which promises to do just that. You can find Drea's blog here ; Finish Friday and submit work for her to include.

Definitely worth a follow!

(Julie is also running a giveaway to help promote this blog, so get entering!)

Til Next time