Monday, 19 November 2012

November IHSW report

IHSW was all of a sudden upon me and guess what? Yep. I worked on Avarice. I just cannot put her down!!

There has been a fair bit pf progress since my last post. 2 pages and a bit in fact....

The last left side page of heavy confetti gems has been completed, and on page 14 her beautiful hand appeared. Here is a pic at the start of the weekend:

There were around 1200 stitches to finish this page.

And here is an overall after IHSW pic with the first row of page 15 in place. I am LOVING the block stitching on her skirt. At the end of this row there are some more gems but hey, its the payoff for a few easy pages.

I love stitching her. I can't get into rotation with Firefly because she keeps calling me.

So. Life? you ask?

I am trying to increase my fitness levels and I have started running again. I did it years ago, restarted earlier this year but injury forced me to stop until I lost a little weight so I did. I restarted though and I am really pleased with how its going so far.

I want to be a lean, mean stitching machine!

I have a long way to go and I am realistic, but I want to change ME within the next 6 months. I am focused on it and I WILL do it. First goal, 7lbs/3kg before Christmas season starts.

Children are all fantastic, house is great. New car coming soon.. hubs happy about that LOL.

Can you believe next month it will be a year since we moved?!?!?! Time flies.

Til the next update!