Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Dec IHSW, A Birthday and An Anniversary!

Hello there!

Well what a busy time again!

We made it! One year in our house! I managed to complete the decorating so every room has now had a coat of paint. House looking splendid. Going to start work in the garden next year.

The following day it was my eldest daughter's 11th birthday. She had an awesome time and was of course spoiled rotten. Presents, cake, a take out of her choice for her tea... what a day it was.

It fell on Saturday - the first day of IHSW. Naturally as my attention was focused on Hannah the stitching was put aside on that day, but on Sunday I did put in some stitches:


I had my nails done too LOL

Not a huge heap of progress, about 1000 stitches in all.

Next year I plan to finish Avarice and start Sistine Chapel. I also want to finish my Flower Bride storykeep and put in work on both Twilight Magic and Firefly.

Next time, a year end round up as I am now breaking from blogging for Christmas. Prob between Christmas and New Year I will post.

Til the next report

Merry Christmas one and all


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Avarice page 15 completed

I am more than halfway across this row now, 3 pages, 2 full and one 12 stitches wide left.

I am getting through roughly a page a fortnight but that will slow now the festive season is almost upon us. I have one more room to decorate too.

Wanna see the pic?


Until the next update xx