Monday, 19 September 2011


Well, its been a bit of an odd IHSW for me this month.

I had no computer due to Lauren meeting cold coffee for a fortnight so therefore have been busy around the homestead.

Got a fair way with the packing although we are not at exchange of contracts yet. Its a great excuse to declutter.

So what have I been doing?

Well, I ended up taking Avarice off the scroll frame. I really struggled with it although it was a little faster the bulk of it just got annoying so now it sits in an 8" hoop, the excess fabric gathered with clothes pegs! Doubtless it will be absolutely filthy by the time I finish stitching it!

This IHSW I did a little on Avarice. I didn't manage to sign up till Saturday for the stitchathon. I have also been sorting through my stash so really although I haven't stitched as much as I would like I have still dedicated my time to my hobby. Having said that little has been thrown away and after our move I really must downsize it. I have so, so many magazines its just not funny so I reckon come the new year ebay will have a few! I am planning to dedicate the first 6 months of 2012 to ebaying and downsizing as opposed to buying! The latter half I am hoping will be guilt free stitch time and as long as the world dosen't end in December I aim to have Avarice finished and at least another HAED started.

Anyway enough rambling. Here is a progress pic of page 3. I am almost halfway, the top of her hair is becoming visible. The black rectangle was 2 squares of stitching that were all the same colour so I did those while having an evening of not being able to concentrate much!!

Until the next update xx


  1. I love it when you get close to or get to see something that you're aiming for in a page. Looks gorgeous, love this and want to do Vanity myself!

  2. Love it, Nicola. And that black square is the perfect way to spend a distracted evening, IMO. :)

    Great idea to eBay your stash.... 2 birds, 1 stone. :D

  3. Lovely progress :), and the black square is the perfect way to stitch without paying much attention to it and just enjoying it

  4. great progress..coming out so lovely..well done xx

  5. Beautiful stitching and great progress.