Friday, 28 October 2011

Oh where do I start??

So much has happened since I updated this blog. I am so naughty not doing it but I am sure you will understand why.

I have  been having a really tough time with my MH. I went off my meds for a while and didn't cope too well. It was a silly thing to do. But I am back on now and sorted. I think the pressure of the move got too much and rather stupidly I thought I could cope better without my little pill.

I have been quite ill too. I had tonsilitis which I recovered from after about 2 weeks then another cold hit me. I feel like I am about to come down with something again so I am fighting it. I know why. I am run down .. See next paragraph.

The move. Well. Nothing is happening. Still. I have done nothing but be on at my Solicitor and try and get things going but to no avail. Our sellers seller has managed to produce contracts so we are at enquiry stage.

I should explain that the UK house purchase system is IMO old and antiquated and the wheels move slowly. For a straightforward purchase of a new build property its usually around 6 weeks but when you are buying an existing property that can increase to around 8 weeks. Of course when there are people buying from you or selling to your seller then it can take exponentially longer..The timings allow for searches to see what services go to the property, the ground it stands on, the surrounding area, to check for relevant planning permissions to be in place etc etc. Also you obv have to get a mortgage secured too. Its such a long slow process that conveyancing solicitors really know how to make their money. Anyway.

This move is affecting my physical and mental wellbeing. It needs to happen soon. otherwise I will be cared off to the funny farm in one of those white coat thingys.

Stitchy news. Not done much. I made a Biscornu for a forum exchange, pic to follow once the recipient has it. I am hoping to get stuck back into Avarice at some point this weekend. The girls are off for Half Term at the moment so I am savouring time with them. Of course I have been packing stuff too so  while not stitching I have kept myself busy.

Avarice as I left her:

Today's agenda is to sort out their pit of a bedroom. I left it tidy at the start of Half Term and now it looks like someone dropped a grenade in it and wandered off. They are all going to help.

I think I have about covered things. I have kept up with other blogs on my lost over there --->

I missed IHSW this month as I was just too busy/stressed/ill. But next month... I will be baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Till next update (hopefully not as long!)



  1. *hugs* I hope things get less stressful for you soon! Also looking forward to progress on Avarice. :)

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Being sick, mentally and physically is no fun at all. House buying can be one of the most stressful things ever, I am sorry you are going through such a time with it.

    I am looking forward to seeing more progress on your Avarice, you have made some wonderful progress already! Also looking forward to seeing your biscornu. :) (((HUGS)))

  3. hello dear, i hope you feels better soon..sending you lots of hugs and you are in my prayers.
    your stitching project is very lovely..
    happy stitching always xx

  4. Hope you feel better moving is soooo stressful!

  5. I'm sorry to hear that house-buying is so tedious! But at least you have more time for packing! Avarice looks great. I enjoy watching your progress.