Friday, 25 May 2012

IHSW, TUSAL and WIPocalypse!

Short post today. No main computer! I am posting from my Tablet.
Luckily IHSW< the WIPocalypse and TUSAL all came within days of one another so I can condense into one post. And I am late posting this!!
I worked on WIzard of Oz for both IHSW and the WIPocalypse. I need this piece finished.. and soon! About 8 weeks left. I also came by a posilock stand ready for my next start. Once WIz is done I am starting Dahlig's Firefly.
My ORT jar looks good too.. Lauren is my model for it this month... She is well recovered and was more than happy to pose with it! I will squash my thread down too although there is still loads of space in the jar.
Opinions sought... I often stitch up little cover kits that I get on the front of magazines. I am usually left with threads over. What do you do with them? Do you add them to ORT's? Or put them in your stash to use on a different project? I have a box with some in and I have hesitated to add them to ORt's as it almost seems like cheating??
Anyway onto the pics! I have a feeling they may be skewed... urgh. Once I get my computer back I will turn them.
Turned out to be a longer post than I thought...


  1. Great ORTS!

    When I stitch a cover kit I make a thread sorter from cardboard then when it's stitched I cut up the sorter into individual strips and file them in colour-sorted bags. So all the greens together, all the reds etc.

    I do the same with bigger kits which don't have DMC threads. Then when I need a small amount of a colour for a card I can just go to my "scraps bags" and find a suitable shade.

    I also saw a lovely "scraps" stitch when a blogger had used all her scraps of different shades of one colour to make a sampler. Makes a change from using a variegated thread.

  2. She looks adorable. And good luck meeting your goal on the wizard. I suck at meeting goals, lol. Also, grats on the progress. (You have a lot of ORTs. Mine are so tiny, it takes forever to fill my jar.

  3. Your ORT jar looks great - cute model as well! And Wiz is coming along nicely - just keep that goal in mind.