Monday, 18 June 2012

IHSW June report

This IHSW I worked mainly on Avarice, but a little on Wiz too.

There is a  battle for computer supremacy over the weekend here and seeing as the weather hasn't been all that great the girls have spent their time indoors. Unfortunately my pattern for Wiz is on USB storage rather than hard copy so I can't stitch it up as much as I wanted. Anyway.

I finished page 7 on Avarice! Yippee!!!

This was very confetti heavy so I am looking forward to page 8 which is mainly block stitching. Some confetti comes back after that though with dress detail coming in.

Overall view:

But that was not the last of her this weekend... I got in a good 700 stitches on page 8 too.

I did those in around 3 hours. Very fast! Lots of black on it. I am really going to enjoy this page!!

And Wiz? Well. Lookiee here! Wiz is looking AMAZING. The lion has suddenly jumped out and Dorothy's face is starting to come in now.

I am rather enjoying the change into cross country stitching with this rather than the block work of Avarice.

Hope everyone had a great IHSW. TUSAL report tomorrow... ish.... :D



  1. Avarice is looking great, congrats on another finished page.
    I hope to see more of the Wizard of Oz, good luck with that one.

    Hugs Yvon.

  2. Gorgeous work on Avarice, looking forward to seeing more of her. :)

  3. wow you are really fast... can I borrow your magic needle?

    :) yuana

  4. They are both looking great!

  5. Oh my goodness Nicola. You got so much done. Avarice and the Wiz both look beautiful. Stunning work! :)

  6. Great progress on both your WIPs! They are looking beautiful.

  7. You obviously had a great IHSW. Both pieces are looking great.

  8. Excellent work on both! I love the look of Wiz.

  9. Avarice is looking amazing. I just bought this chart as I have decided to do all 7 sins. I haven't seen anyone else stitching Avarice so I'm glad to see such fantastic progress on her by you. Very inspiring. Beautiful work on the wiz as well. Congrats on page 7 finish. xoxo