Thursday, 13 September 2012

Avarice Page 10 Finish, Late WIPocalypse.. And Life Update!

Whoo! I am so pleased to get this one done! I really wanted to finish this in time for the WIPocalypse at the end of August but I am almost 2 weeks late! A page and a column and the second row is complete. That's the next task!

This page saw her other arm completed and the next one is confetti hell. More gems. The next row sees the last of the gems on either end then its just lovely block stitching for a good while.


My next pic is one of me and the family that I wanted to share from our recent holiday in North Wales. We are on a boat on the middle of Llyn Padarn, a lake in the town of Llanberis. The town is at the foot of Mount Snowdon and the day we were there it was so clear we could see the summit.

From L - R,. Me, Hannah, my husband Jon, Victoria (sticking her tongue out as usual LOL) and Lauren peeking out.

We had such a good time and the sun shone down on us that day :-))

Next, Lauren started pre school this week My baby is 3 1/2 already. She has truly come a long way this year being unwell with one thing and another. Anyway, here she is in her school uniform:

That's all for now, Don't forget IHSW this weekend - hop over to Joysze's Blog and sign up!!



  1. Beautiful stitching and such a sweet project ..
    Lots of love for Lauren .
    Happy hermitting xxx

  2. Avarice looks amazing!!!

    Awww, thanks for posting a pic of your family. You guys are beautiful!!! Lauren is darling. She looks so ready!!!! :D

    Thanks for the IHSW reminder. Can't wait to see your WIP!!! :D


  3. Wow....great stitching!
    What a beautiful family you have. Hope Lauren enjoys pre-school.

  4. Wow, Avarice looks amazing. I love it. Really nice family pic.

  5. I will always be amazed everythim I look at your Avarice... Those gems really do sparkle and its wonderful how that shows itself in stitching. Sounds like a lovely trip for your family.

  6. Avarice looks stunning. Great family pictures.

  7. Avarice looks stunning =)
    I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday and your little one looks awesome in her uniform =)

  8. Avarice is coming along beautifully.

    Great family photos.

  9. Asalways I am inspired by your progress! I really love all of the sins and cannot wait to see more of this one! Great progress, your goal may have been 2 weeks late, but that is still better than mine at 2 years late! he he

  10. Beautiful stitching. love your family photo looks like fun.