Monday, 27 June 2011

Much stitching this weekend - and a lovely surprise!!

I managed a fair bit of stitching over the weekend inbetween going to Interflora for Mum in Law, post office visit, town trip, parenting and all other bits which distract me.

Her second eye is coming along nicely. The confetti where her hair comes over the facial features is a pain but I am stitching up a strand of block colour, then a strand of confetti stitches to break it up a bit.

This piece is likely going to need blocking as I am very naughty and often leave my work in the hoop which I shouldn't....

Hoping to finish the eye today and some more of the confetti

Had a lovely surprise this weekend when reading through blogs to find that the lovely Norwegianstitch had mentioned me on her blog - how nice! 

Its so nice to see I have so many followers now and the lovely comments that are posted. I thank you all for that. My blog is linked to my phone so I can be anywhere and it pings a comment! So exciting! I love reading them and although I don't reply individually I do appreciate that you take the time.

Until the next update


  1. Wow, it's beautiful, and oyu've made so muuch progress in the last few days, I'm really impressed!

  2. She's looking beautiful, Nicola.