Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Very Public Apology!

To Kreinik!

I received an email today:

Hi Nicola - saw your blog post about hating Kreinik threads. We hate the thought that you hate our threads. We can’t have that - stitching should be fun. Maybe we can figure out the problem. My first thought is to switch to a slightly larger needle. A needle with a too-small eye, or even a slight burr in the eye can cause a thread to fray.

Which thread are you using? #4 Braid or #8 Braid?

Don’t give up on us J We will figure it out.

Dena from Kreinik

Its not just Kreinik threads, its all metallics. Light Effects, Madeira, Jewels. I just hate the feel of them and I get very frustrated sewing with them.

My post was not intended to bash Kreinik as a manufacturer and I apologise for that.

The project I am doing requires no 4 fine braid and is on a small count fabric so I expected fraying. I never expected Kreinik to be reading my posts though!!!

Once again, I apologise for any confusion and I think the quality of Kreinik threads are great, my blog posts reflect my personal preference.

Until my next update... xx


  1. I don't mind them. I'm not keen on using the DMC Light Effects but I do love the end result. I've used the Kreinik filaments heaps and often add them by choice

    Have you tried beeswax or thread heaven? The wax tamed filament for me the times it's gotten out of control. I've not used TH but I've got other stitchy friends who swear by it...

  2. So funny! They write to you, that is really nice.
    Between you and me, I don't like any metallic thread either ;)