Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Come on you lot!!

Only one comment for my giveaway?!?!?!

Might have to put in a surprise to sweeten the deal!

At the moment Adrienne  is a shoe-in for the prize!!

Lets see some comments Ladies, especially from my new followers!

Edit: Many thanks to the ladies who have linked my giveaway on their blogs. At this rate I will be celebrating 50 followers!!! :-D

Edit 2.. Rapidly approaching 60! :-D



  1. Hi Nicola, Just joined your blog so I am in. Can't let Adrienne have all the glory! lol Kaye (
    P.S. Thanks to Julie and Yes Dear for posting your giveaway on their blog.

  2. LOL, I'm here, I'm here! I've been at work forever, so haven't had any 'puter time in ages!

    I'll post your giveaway on my blog now :)

    x Kirstin

  3. I'm here too! I just arrived! LOL :D
    I will post your giveaway on my sidebar to help a little more ;)

  4. Came over from Julie and Yes Dear - entering your lovely giveaway now :)

  5. Hi Nicola,

    Here is the link to the Cherry Blondie recipe which you asked for - it was super easy to make and super delish!

    I will also post this on my blog (just in case someone else wants to try). If you are on FB you can "like" and you will be able to see other recipes.

    cheers, kaye xoxox

  6. Congrats on all your new followers, Nicola. :)

  7. Hi Nicola! I'll get your giveaway posted also!!! Loved reading your bio :)

    Happy Stitching,