Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Thank you all so much!

To everyone who is now a) following me, b) entered my giveaway and c) promoted my giveaway on their blog!

Far too many to mention but if you look on my giveaway post and look at the comments, click on names and you should find a link to the person's own blog on there!

I will be collating the entries over the next couple of days and drawing the winner on Thursday 18th August. Good luck to all who have entered!

In other news, I have been working on Avarice a little more. I am working alot of confetti which I can really only do during the day as it strains my eyes at night. Been doing a small piece for my daughter and I have started on Buddha.

I have in the stitching queue a Biscornu and a butterfly piece to produce so after I have finished Victoria's piece they are my next starts. I need to get those finished and sent as soon as possible before I (hopefully) move.

Off to the bank to ask for the mortgage tomorrow - exciting stuff! :D



  1. good luck to all..
    keep well dear and happy stitching xx

  2. Good luck with the loan. (I can never spell that other word, lol.) And I can't wait to see your stitchy progress. Grats on all the new followers!! That's awesome!! You'll be doing a giveaway for a hundred soon!!

  3. Since I'm a day late.... how did the mortgage meeting go? :)

  4. I have 5 days to wait for a decision - get everything crossed for me Joysze!xx