Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A Review for Yiota!

Look what arrived on my doorstep! More stash....

A lovely kit of The Parthenon from Yiota's XStitch!

I am quite looking forward to stitching this one. The kit has Evenweave fabric (available on request) and lots of lovely Madeira threads all wound onto bobbins - and on the chart key there is a handy conversion to DMC so if you choose to restitch the kit and cannot find Madeira threads you won't be stumped. I don't think I have ever stitched with Madeira threads so its going to be a new thing for me.

Love the chart. Clear symbols - reminds me of Heritage kits. Excellent fabric quality too. Love that you can choose kit, fabric and only pattern if you prefer.

I spent quite a while browsing the site before I picked this kit. There is lots to see on there. Even Hubby got stuck in telling me which he liked although he dosen't stitch himself.

An excellent choice if you want something a bit different! Here is the address for her site
Further stitchy update soon - I actually did some! I shut my Facebook account for the time being and have been sorting the rest of the house but I have managed to spend time stitching in the evening if only for an hour :)



  1. Looking forward to see your progress!

  2. Great review! I also got a kit from Yiota's last year.

  3. Hello

    I'm your newest follower!

    Lovely kit you chose and looking forward to seeing it's progress.