Friday, 3 February 2012

Keeping Busy!

So much happening at the moment

Been busy sorting out the last vestiges of the house move and doing a final bits and bobs sort through.

Lauren is keeping me on my toes, she has decided that now is a good time to potty train <sigh>

Sorted through my craft stash and I have put some on ebay with more to do (see my for sale tab for a link to my stuff)

And a million other things besides!

Its my Mum's birthday on Monday and Ice Hockey all weekend - and we are apparently expecting up to 4 inches of snow in the UK. That'll be the country grinding to a halt again(!)

I want to sit and stitch but I keep finding stuff to do!

Anyway, must dash - got a house that needs attention and a big ironing pile...



  1. have a lovely weekend dear xx

  2. Oh, good luck with Lauren's potty training!! Such a big girl. :D Hope things slow down for you soon!