Thursday, 22 March 2012

100 Posts.. March TUSAL.. and... A Page Finish!!

I made 100 posts! Crikey when I started this blog even to get to 50 was hard! But here I am, posting my 100th. And what a post it will be!

First off my TUSAL report. My ORT jar is filling up nicely with Avarice thread. The colours are lovely, lots of creams, browns and green tones, with some burgundy thrown in. Not a great pic i'm afraid, under electric lighting, but I wanted to wait till I had finished my page before taking it so it had as many in as possible.

Now for a report on Avarice.

Whoopee I finished page 4! It was such hard slog at times, very much a confetti page. However I gritted my teeth and made myself finish it. This piece will become a vendetta I think! I have barely put it down lately. Stitching times are a bit more seeing as the house is now mostly sorted and life is starting to settle down somewhat.

A close up piccy:

I am still working it on the hoop. There are no metallics at all. The illusion of sparkle comes from the lighter floss combination of shades, Looks good, no?

A full picture:

Ahh there she is.

I have one page and a column on page 6 to go and then the top row is complete.

I would normally put this in rotation now and get out another WIP but seeing as I haven't run out of steam just yet then I will be continuing this for the time being.

When I do finally put her down I have a QS to start for my Sis' birthday. It's the Wizard of Oz one on the HAED site. I looked for a design that would mean something to her, and it just so happens that the Wizard of Oz is her fave film. Some picking and selecting and shortlisting and that's the one she chose for me to do for her.

Wonder how much of Avarice I can get done for the WIPocalypse???

Til next time..



  1. Nicola!!! It looks fantastic. :D

  2. Oh Nicola...Avarice looks so amazing.

  3. This one and Vanity are my favourites of the Sins, and she looks gorgeous already! Very much looking forward to more progress pics! Great to hear that you now have a little more time for stitching. :)

  4. She looks awesome and the light effects look great.

  5. Wow oh wow, Nicola. Avarice is stunning!


  6. congrat on the page finish - always an achievement on a haed - Avarice is looking fab!