Tuesday, 20 March 2012

IHSW March!

Yes I actually managed to put in some stitching!! Yay me!

I had a good weekend actually - it was Mothering Sunday here in the UK so I decided to get my chores out of the way ASAP so I could indulge in my stitching!

I continued Avarice page 5 and here is how she looks now.

Not too far away from the end of the page., Just some confetti to go. I have a couple of hours today as I got extra chores done yesterday so once again I can sit and stitch :D

Other news - Thanks all so much for your comments on my last post and the sympathy messages. Losing Sinead was incredibly hard, I was affected more deeply than I thought I would be.

Last year we knew that she didn't have many more years in her and we decided then that we would adopt a retired racing greyhound. So thats what we have done. Tony has joined our family and he will be joined soon by Chloe. Both ex racing dogs, Tony is 7 and Chloe 2 1/2. Both spayed/neutered, they are proving to be a hit with the children and the neighbours! Truly gorgeous dogs they are.... here is Tony doing what he does best - he sleeps for up to 18 hours a day... and this is his favourite place.

He looks very happy dosen't he?

Till next time



  1. Avarice is looking stunning!

    I'm also here because I've just been nominated for a Leibster Blog Award on my blog and want to pass this on to you in turn.

    The details are on my blog at

  2. Your progress on this piece is wonderful, it looks really awesome! I'm also sorry to hear about your dog, it's always hard to lose a beloved pet. Your other dog looks super cute though :-)

  3. Your stitching on Avarice looks great! The dog looks very comfortable, too! We also adopted two new dogs after both of ours passed on at age 16.

  4. Great progress and Happy Mother's Day1!! That's wonderful that you are saving two retired racing dogs. It looks like he's having the life of luxury now :D

  5. Avarice looks fabulous.
    How sweet to adopt ex-racing dogs, awwww!

  6. You've done already lot's of work with your Avarice! And the dog is nice and happy on the photo!

  7. Great progress on a beautiful piece. I am seeing many designs I have never seen before due to hermitting. :-)

    So sorry about the loss of your dear dog. I have a cat that will not be with us for long due to old age. He is my best friend and I know how hard it is to loose a pet. Glad you have the others to fill your heart now.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  8. Avarice looks amazing. Your pup looks adorable sleeping like that on his back. :)


  9. Avarice is looking great and awww, Tony is such a cute dog. :D

  10. great stitching and such a gorgeous dog :D