Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Spring Cleaning!

So yesterday and today I began my ritual spring clean. After the Easter break I usually set about decluttering my house.

Even though we only moved a short while ago there is still a fair bit to do!

Yesterday we had some conifers removed from our garden. I would have liked to have kept them if they could have been topped properly but the previous owner took no care of them apart from a shoddy topping and in the interests of safety(fire risk, already scorched) and security, and good neighbourly relations they had to come out.

I spent a good while yesterday clearing up after the kids half term craftathon. They get out cutting and sticking, collage, drawing, crayons, all that stuff, and as with all kids not all of it gets put away.

I have started getting rid of some stuff on ebay and resolved to list at least 2 things a night.

Today I did my usual daily clean then I worked in my sitting room putting back books and tidying up behind one of my sofas. Tomorrow I will do the other sofa and toy area.

In the garden, I repotted a plant that has been waiting to be done for some while now and planted some seed potatoes, then Lauren and I planted tomatoes, chillis and sunflowers and they are propagating away.

My stitching - well I began the project for my Sister. I am using up bits of my stash thread before buying more and I will top  up the threads I need for Avarice too while I am at it. I ordered a seat stand as I am having trouble with my wrists and fingers on my left hand from holding the hoop so I hope that helps.

I will post a pic soon!



  1. You sound so very organized! Have a great time cleaning!

  2. sounds like you've been really busy.