Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Little Update! (And WIPocalypse too!)

Week 2 of our children's lengthy summer school holidays and we have had not much other than rain! Had some lovely sunny days but the rainy ones seem to overshadow those. Ho hum. Soon off on Holiday :)

Olympic fever has hit Britain with the Opening Ceremony last weekend. I don't watch a whole lot of Olympics to be honest. I can see the attraction for some but for me its take it or leave it.

On Facebook in a HAED group there was a post about Olympic Starts - so I decided to start one. Since finishing Wiz I have worked on Avarice but I wanted another project. I am not disciplined enough to rotate properly though and I find myself working on both projects in the same day.

My Olympic Start:

Firefly - Another Marta Dahlig - was really always on my list for the next start. I did have a brief though that I might want to start Sistine Chapel but I soon put that one away for a little while at least.

3 days of stitching in:

Its all 310 on the first page bar one stitch of 3799. I don;t mind. People said I should stitch it up on black but I want to do the background. Anyway that is about 2000 stitches.

So I worked Avarice too. Further down there is the last update from IHSW but as you can see the carrying threads is really paying off for me.

The bodice of her dress is absolutely beautiful. Is there any wonder I just can;t put this piece down for any length of time??

Anyway, next update is a page finish :)



  1. Love your new start and Avarice is stunning x

  2. I love your new start and your wip is so cute too xxx

  3. Great new start and Avarice is looking beautiful!

  4. Hi

    Your new start is lovely and Avarice is stunning!

  5. Great new start and Avarice is looking great.

  6. You have such wonderful taste in designs. I never wanted to stitch Avarice until I saw your work on her. Great progress.

  7. Wow, Nicola! You made so much progress on Avarice in only a week. Great stitching! I would never want to stitch all that black background on Firefly. Hope you can buy huge spools of black 310 floss for it!

  8. Great new start and progress.

  9. The new start you made is absolutely wonderful! Great work =)
    But that sounds like a lot of black. how many black stitches are there?

  10. Oh Nicola, Avarice looks stunning! :D