Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Heaven and Earth Designs

Sad to bring my stitchy friends the news that due to continued copyright infringements and the knock on effect of a downturn in sales the Heaven and Earth Designs site is considering closing.

I am a massive fan of HAED and I have a whole heap of their beautifully produced charts on my to do pile and in my wishlist!

Here's what a lady on Facebook has to say to her friends:

"You've all seen my beautiful Nautilus Princess i just finished cross stitching. It was charted by a company called Heaven and Earth Designs which are in danger of having to close down due to loss of sales from copyright infringement :( If you have an intrest in cross stitch please join and support HAED Appreciation Week starting Sept 10. Even if you don't like cross stitch but know someone who does you can send them a Random Act of Kindness (RAK - a chart purchased throught the website and emailed to the person) throught the HAED website. Every sale helps and charts are not expensive starting at around $9usd (and not all are as big as Nautilus Princess either!)"

Great idea. Even if you would not tackle a HAED design there is a way you can help. Buying direct from them is the first one and, as this lady says, participating in RAK is another.

On Facebook there is an event concerning this to offer Michele and Bob our support.

If you can't see this then please feel free to add me as a friend and I will point you in the right direction.

Don't allow copyright infringement to ruin your hobby! Don't accept it!

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  1. Hopefully we can prevent this happening!

  2. Aagh Help! No HAED can't shut down! I need them! I will definately be one who will be supporting them! Thanks for the heads up.

    Michele Sayetta
    I have to address and close some of the threads as some things have gone to the point of saying that we are closing and we are not at this moment in time. Artists are emailing and getting concerned and this is not good. We are not done yet and I am fighting and will continue to do so.