Thursday, 8 December 2011

Tiny update.....

We are 6 days away from moving!

Our house contracts were exchanged today and the sale is due to complete on Monday. Cue one very happy family!

We will be spending Christmas in our new home. I can't wait. I am so excited!

Our move won't actually take place until Wednesday even though the house is legally ours from Monday as Jon is away until Monday night then we have a little more to pack here that I can't/won't do. Mainly loft. I won't go up there. Man's domain!

So the next week is shaping up thus:
Tomorrow and Sunday Ice Hockey and packing inbetween times

Monday finish what I can pack
Tuesday Jon and I work together
Wednesday the big move
Thursday Hannah's 10th birthday!

What a busy week! I don't know when I will manage to blog next, but I am sure you all understand. I will try and log in and at least read some. I am sure I will  need to eat at some point so I might be able to look on then.



  1. good luck with your new home! I know moving can be very stressful

  2. hello sending you lots of love and best wishes for your new home..

    hugs xx

  3. Hope all is going well with the move - that's great that you will be in for Christmas