Saturday, 17 December 2011

What a week!

Ok, so its over a week since I blogged.. but I have been sooo busy!!

The last week has gone thus:

On Monday our house purchase finally completed and we officially own our house... well half of it anyway until the mortgage is paid off.

Tuesday we came and looked again at what we had bought and got very excited. The previous owner called in to see us too and it was lovely to see him. Seems he had had just as many problems with miscommunication as we had.

Wednesday was the big move. Our day started at just after 6. I got the girls off to their schools and the little one to my Sister who was minding her for me then we got cracking!

There were 7 of us altogether moving an entire house load and it took us almost a full day. I stayed at the old house to close it down and when I got to my new home it was all I could do to not sit and sob. There were boxes EVERYWHERE. Not a place to sit. There was a path through the rooms so we could go from room to room but that was all. The kids thought it was great though - camping on mattresses while waiting for new beds really did appeal to them.

We got to bed and had a quiet but uncomfortable night. Lauren decided at 1.30 AM to join Jon and I. We had only just got to sleep and then the fidget midget decided to keep us awake until I eventually had enough after an hour or so and turfed her back to her own bed.

When Thursday broke we got up ready for another busy day. I had aching joints and muscles and my feet were soo painful I thought they were going to disown me! My friend arrived about 10, after the big girls had gone to school and yet again we got started clearing away the mattresses ready for the imminent arrival of our beds. The first one arrived in good time and my friend set about assembling it while Jon and I sorted out the other rooms. Then all hell broke loose when the main beds came. They were placed in and the mess from the packaging was unbelievable. So much!!

Jon went out later that evening and got us a real Christmas tree.

Friday Jon went back to work so it was just me on my own until my Sister came for an hour or so. Just in the nick of time as my Sofas, fridge and freezer arrived too. I spent Friday afternoon assembliing the sofa backs (recliners) and continuing the big put - away.

My new table and chairs arrived with that little lot and today I started their assembly. Whew! The table weighs about 60 kg so its pretty weighty for one. My nephew baby sat for me tonight as I had a little downtime and before we left for the Ice Hockey we turned the table to its right side so thats another job done.

So how are we all doing? Well Lauren is a little unsettled, the big girls are tired and bickering quite alot at the moment and I... well.. I am just shattered. Jon is away in Torquay for a few days working but he will be back over the Christmas Break.

This house truly feels like home already even though we have only been in 4 days. The last house is a distant memory. How easily I forgot it. I was talking to my Sister tonight and it seems an age away.

I can't wait for the work I want doing to be completed in the new year,, I especially cannot wait for the summer.

I am so happy right now.

Oh and the Sheffield Steelers won their match.... 5 - 3! Sorry Fife. Tonight belonged to us.



  1. sending you big hugs..
    keep cucki xx

  2. So glad you are feeling happy in your new home. Hope you all have a wonderful first xmas in the new house!

  3. oh such a wonderful thing to have moved into your new home finally!

  4. Congrats on the move. It's a trying time I know, so take it a little bit and a time and enjoy the process as much as you can. When you look back to this in a few months and years, I hope you'll remember this time and smile. :) Meanwhile, hang in there!!! Lots of hugs.

  5. Glad to hear that all went well and although it seems like hard work at the time, you soon forget it..enjoy your new home!