Wednesday, 21 December 2011


I have just asked to be signed up for a WIPocalypse for next year. I have lots of WIPS and this is a great idea to get some completed. Have a look here for more information about it. I will not start any more projects until I have cleared these - or at least I am on the way to clearing them! I will need to do a few small cards for birthdays which I am involved in an exchange for though..... but thats it, no other new starts.

I need to get on with downsizing my stash too. Keep an eye up there ^ on the for sale tab. I have lots of magazines and kits, especially Winnie the Pooh, and I will be listing a few hopefully next week.

I am settling into my house now, and I have pledged to do at least an hour of stitching a night. It helps me to wind down and relax. I picked up Avarice last night although tonight I won't be stitching as I don't feel 100% and there is no sense in stitching when I am not right as knowing me I will end up frogging it.

Off to meet up with my Sis and a couple of friends tomorrow. Last time really before the festive season kicks in properly., I want to dedicate Friday in the house and get prepared for the best Christmas... ever!!

Will post a WIP soon



  1. An hour a night sounds like a good plan. I get very antsy if I miss doing some stitching each day. Have fun with your sister.
    Merry Christmas, Kaye xoxox

  2. Looking forward to your WIPs next year. Have fun with your sis!!

  3. I look forward to stitching every night too. It is a great routine to have!

  4. Hi Nicola! Thanks for joining the WIPocalypse. I've just added your name to the participant list and to my blog reader. Looking forward to seeing your stitching next year.

    Happy holidays,