Monday, 23 January 2012

IHSW and TUSAL report

So we had the first IHSW of the year and its TUSAL time too - nice coincidence!

Mm which to do first???

Ok then. IHSW it is. I worked on Avarice, as she is my WIPocalypse piece I decided to spend the time on her.
I only had a limited IHSW as my finger is either fractured or very badly bruised. What I had to do was train myself to use my index finger underneath my work as a guide rather than my middle finger. Was a bit awkward but I got some done.
I had visitors this weekend, my Mother and husband came for Sunday lunch and I spent a good part of the day with them. Anyway here is my before pic:

I am getting through that gem. Lots of confetti and its been a right royal pain in the bum. I am looking forward to the areas of block stitching to be honest. However I plodded through as I want to do this piece in order rather than dart from one area to another.

So we come to the after pic:

And with what I have done during daylight today its getting there. I have probably only got about 400 stitches in the entire weekend. A poor show really from me, but broken fingers and lots of confetti makes for slow going.

So now what about the TUSAL? I hear you ask...

Well I had quite a quandry about it. I joined up last November and thought that I would be well back stitching... broken fingers and house move notwithstanding... anyway.

My first problem is what do I put my ORT's in?

For most thats simple, but I live in a home with 3 enthusiastic girls where things get knocked, banged, broken, lost, found, lost again,... etc etc. I decided on a pasta sauce jar. Then I changed my mind.

I got a really nice jar that had coffee in it.. with a clear glass lid and bung so it will stay sealed up. As long as its kept where it won't be broken it'll be great. And I intend to fill it by years end.

Here it is:

A few threads from Avarice line the bottom.. its a BIG ol jar.... pic taken on my windowsill in the winter sun so it picks up some of the colours. Loads of browns, creams and greens in there.

So that's the lot for Jan TUSAL and IHSW. Full stitchy update and WIPocalypse update soon



  1. Hi Nicola

    This is my first visit to your blog.

    Love your Avarice project and your lovely ort jar.

  2. Avarice is lovely and you did a great job.
    I hope that your finger will be akoy very soon.

    Hugs Yvon.

  3. It may only be a little bit, but it's made a big difference. Looks beautiful.
    Hope your finger is feeling better.

  4. Your stitching looks fantastic! Beautiful ORT jar too!

  5. Love the colours in Avarice!

  6. your stitching is looking so lovely..
    cute orts xxx

  7. Nice progress on your stitching! Hope you finger heals quickly!

  8. You got all that done with a hurt finger?? Amazing!!! ORT jar looks great. ;D

  9. oh wow, love the stitching, poo on confetti because it's a pain but it's looking well.
    Nice orts.

  10. Wow, you are determined to stitch no matter if your finger hurts or not! Great progress!

  11. 400 stitches is better than nothing! I wish I had put 400 into my HAED, and your is looking so lovely! I hope your finger gets better!

  12. Avarice has beautiful colors. Pretty orts, hoping your jar makes it safe and sound thru the year :)
    Hoping your fingers mend quickly. WTG on being determined to still stitch!

  13. That confetti will be well worth it by the end - great progress!

  14. Hello, i did post my first tusal yesterday but with date of january 23 2012.
    Because i want to post twelve tusals!