Friday, 6 January 2012

A note about Copyright

I was saddened to read this from Michele, the owner of HAED on Facebook today. I know the vast majority of us obtain our charts from the author/Designer or from a recognised outlet, but it seems that one of Michele's regular customers has uploaded HAED charts (as well as a couple of other big names) to a site which allows people to download them free.

"I am so frustrated and I just got word that a regular customer for the past 5 years has been uploading our charts to a well known infringer site. Why do people do this? If we make it another year due to people uploading our charts I will be surprised"

If the charts were each downloaded just once, from the amount this person uploaded to the infringer site Michele is out of pocket by some $22,000. Its a disgrace. The woman has stolen Michele's (and her contributing artists) work. Although I see little for this woman to gain from what she has done, Michele and HAED have lost a whole lot more.

I sincerely hope that HAED dosen't have to fold over this, and the person concerned is prosecuted. I would love to see the infringer site taken down but that is a whole other process and the matter in hand for Michele at the moment is the current theft.

Please, don't accept copies, buy from your designer/author or recognised outlet. Don't let copyright infringement ruin our hobby.



  1. Very Well Said!!! I can't believe somebody would do this!! They spoil it for everybody else and I hope it doesn't threaten HAED as a business!!

  2. This is shocking. I truly hope that this doesn't put HAED out of business. I really wish people would stop being so stupid and respect the designers and owners of designs. What is really appalling is that this customer was a "loyal" customer for five years. What is their motive to doing this? So makes me angry.

  3. Oh no!

    Whilst my HAED stash is tiny compared to some, I'm still very much a fan!

    I hope Michele can get some recompense from this situation :(

  4. That just makes me sick. How depressing that people care so little about how their actions will impact an already fragile hobby industry. My heart goes out to Michele and Bob.