Thursday, 19 January 2012

IHSW approaches!

And I have managed to break a finger! Child related accident. In stopping her from doing something she shouldn't I managed to bend my middle finger back and crack! ouchy! So I have some strapping and a buddy for it. Its my left hand and I am right handed so I can still do most things.. although they do take longer!

Anyway, to find out more about IHSW or indeed sign up you can either click the image over there <--- or click here and go to the lovely Joysze's blog.

IHSW and the first TUSAL pic of the year coming up after the weekend.



  1. Oh my goodnes, Nicola!! I'm... speechless.... stunned!!! Does it hurt??? Hope it heals up soon, you poor dear. :(

    Happy hermitting, but don't overdo it, k?

  2. oh no! at least it is your other hand!

  3. Oww. Take it easy while you heal.