Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Weekends, Wiz and a WIPocalypse!

Hello to new followers! Up to 150 now! <happy dance>

This weekend was busy for me for many reasons. It was my 15th wedding anniversary last Thursday 28th and my MIL's 65th birthday the day before. At the weekend we travelled to their home for a garden party as the In Laws are also celebrating 45 years married too.

We stayed overnight in a lovely hotel and it was great to catch up with some people I haven't seen in a long while - some even since I got married. I made a tub of plants for Mum in Law, some lovely alpines and a lavender and she was delighted.

So this WIPocalypse I think I have done rather well. I didn't have a stitch all weekend obviously with being away but I still managed from the last update to do quite a bit on my 2 major projects on the go, Wizard of Oz which I need to finish for my Sis' birthday in 10 days time (Eeeek!) and Avarice got a look in too because when I didn't feel like confetti I block stitched her. Anyway, on with the pictures.

Here is how Avarice stands this morning.

Quite a bit of the way through page 8. I think another 2 good stitchy sessions will finish this page.

Now for Wiz. I got the remaining floss I needed bar one colour which I thought I had but didn't (grr) so I have been filling in. I reckon half the 10 x 10 stitch squares are complete. It is quite hard going at times with the confetti and colour changes,,, especially on the lion!

I love how this one is turning out. My sister will be delighted I am sure. I see all the characters now. The image is better from a distance. I managed to find a square frame for it too. Its one of those deep box frame ones. Think I might mount it and fray the edges of the evenweave to display to give it some rustic charm.

Anyway, thats my lot for this post. Happy stitching!


  1. Your are making wonderful progress on those two. Congratulations to you and your loved ones for so many anniversaries at once =)

  2. I love your Wizard of Oz! Good luck on finishing it up in time for your sister's birthday! I'm looking forward to seeing it framed with the frayed edges that you mentioned.

  3. Both of your pieces are looking great. I am sure your sister will be delighted.

  4. The Wizard of Oz is such a wonderful piece, what a thoughtful present. I am sure you will get it done on time. Avarice is looking good too, I really love all those sin designs !!


  5. They are both looking great!

  6. Looks wonderful! I can't wait to see both done!