Monday, 23 July 2012

July IHSW and tutorial post

So this IHSW once again Avarice got in there. I just love stitching this piece. And the bottom half of her face is now complete!

I started carrying threads/parking/whatever your preferred choice of name for this part hence the loose threads.

Isn't that face amazing? A testament to the talent of Marta Dahlig (original artist) and Michele Sayetta's charting.

Speaking of HAED I have been very fortunate. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have received a further 2 charts through the RAK programme. So to add to my stash I have Dahlig's Umbrella Sky and another piece called Cleaning House!. Some further Dahligs have been released and they are now already on my list LOL. That takes my Dahlig stash up to 5 with about 7 on the WL!

No new start this month. I am on holiday later on in August though so I might get the new one started up then!!

Oh and check out my Tutorial page - I uploaded the method for my framing of Wiz

Til the next update!



  1. She is looking very pretty.

    Hugs Yvon.

  2. Looks absolutely gorgeous, her face looks amazing... I love Dahlig, I've got loads of hers, and keep looking at others, Yes makes me smile whenever I see it!

  3. Wow amazing stitching.

  4. Looks great, your progress is amazing (makes me want to pull out one of my Dahligs!). The face is so detailed!

  5. So very beautiful! I am a huge fan of Dahlig's sins as well :) Avarice looks gorgeous!!

  6. That's really coming out - I didn't get the sins, but I have fallen for some of Dahlig's other pieces - this makes me all the more excited to be stitching them!

  7. Hello!
    I just found your blog, and it's so interesting! I love your stitching! If you had time, I would love it if you could check out my blog.


  8. That is excellent progress. And her face is incredible.

  9. I love Dahlig too, Nicola. I have at least nine of her charts. The seven deadly sins plus a couple more. (I think I have more than two more, but I don't remember for sure.) She's an awesome artist. Grats on the RAKs too. That's awesome!!

  10. She's looking beautiful, Nicola! :D

  11. Way to go Nicola, your Avarice is looking fantastic! I have quite the Dahlig collection going myself, I have all of the 'Sins', plus a few more. Congrats on the RAK's, I really liked Cleaning House if only those little house elves would stop by my place and help me clean! lol


  12. Wow! She is amazing! Great progress. I love her.

  13. I'm nervous to start my first HAED. You make it look easy

  14. Hello

    Found you through IHSW.
    Your project is looking lovely!