Monday, 9 May 2011

Today's Mission

I started a new work last night, a picture of an orchid. Its a Sheila Hudson design. Need to sort out a thread order though!

I decided to have a look through my stash at the threads I have and I have saved from other complete work and I have a few but nowhere near enough.

My Heaven and Earth chart arrived on Friday. I am looking forward to starting 'Avarice' but again I need to sort out fabric and thread for her too.

Joan Elliott and Cross Stitch Collection brought out a chart book of her designs, lots of lovely fairies and goddesses so they are on my stitch list too!!

While sorting through my stash I found lots of small patches suitable for cards so I am going to sit and make a few up this week if I get a chance. I need to create space. My Mother in Law will probably take some to sell for me when she comes to visit next. All money made goes towards that house of my dreams!

Speaking of houses... our situation here is quite dire in alot of respects. Don't get me wrong, we are fortunate we have a roof and a place to call home but it is very cramped and as soon as we can afford it we are gone from here. This house is just 2 bedrooms, living room, bathroom and kitchen to support a family of me, hubs, 3 children, a dog and 2 gerbils... oh and I fit in my business too not to mention my stitching hobby!

Everything spare being thrown towards that goal at the moment.

WIP update later.

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