Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Tools of my trade

I thought I would share my tools today.

Sharp scissors - just used for thread. These are from Fiskars and I love them. they are small but perfectly formed!

My hoop. I like to go small with that too. Regardless of the size of piece I am working on. I like the delicate nature of small stuff.

Pins. When working with large pieces of fabric without a roll frame I pin up the sides so they don't get dirty or in my way. I tend to pin so the back of the work is the side I am resting on so the front stays clean.

Needle. My preferred is John James gold plated, again the smaller the better.Nothing worse than stitching with a poker! I am blessed with reasonable eyesight for close work so I can afford to do this. I like small because it dosent stretch the fabric as it goes through.

My end pot. I got this one out of the kitchen cupboard but in reality it can be any small pot. I keep my snipped ends in there to stop them getting everywhere! My last long term one was a cotton bud pot! But as long as its small it will do me.

My clipboard. When working my patterns I tend to keep a copy in a clear sleeve and file the original. I work from the copy attached to the clipboard. On it at the moment are 2 knitting wip patterns and at least 4 cross stitch wips.

I didn't realise I coveted small stuff so much! Must be the OCD in me. I think thats why the orderly nature of cross stitch appeals to me.

Until the next wip update...

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