Thursday, 21 July 2011

Everything has ground to a halt!

I have been struck with Tonsilitis :(

Last weekend - ISHW, I started with a cold. Got a sore throat then progressively worse then better. I thought by Monday I was coming through the other side of it and was on the mend.

Tuesday I was just incredibly tired and sleepy. My toddler went for her nap and I was planning to stitch but - you guessed it - I slept.

On Wednesday I got up feeling as horrendous as I did on Saturday. My throat felt like razor blades and I was wooly headed and had the chills etc etc. I looked in my throat and discovered that both my tonsils were the size of golf balls. It was then I knew I needed to get to a doctor. 10 1/2 years ago I had a bout of tonsilitis which almost killed me so I am very wary of it now and I ensure that I get treated.

So. upshot is I have 7 days of antibiotics - 4 doses of 2 tablets a day. Paracetamol for my temperature and I have to keep up with fluids.

No stitching to speak of has been done. I maybe have done 100 stitches over the last couple of days. As I get on the mend I plan to get my head down and get a cracking on it as I am now behind the schedule I have set myself



  1. ah no! I can sympathise - had a bout of tonsillitis a few years ago, I just wanted to curl up an die...

    Well, 100 stitches is still progress - anything is better than nothing!

    I hope you feel 100% asap.
    :) K

  2. YIKES, Nicola!! I'm so sorry you were ill this week. Take good care and let your body heal. Stitching can wait. :)

    Way I see it, schedules are made to be broken, hehehehehe.