Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Page one finished!

Took me another couple of days but page one is finally done. I could have finished it last night. I had 10 stitches left and I was so tired I couldn't find the floss colour I wanted so I took the decision to stop and finish this morning.
Page 2 will take longer for 3 reasons. I am helping a friend grid some fabric, I have a biscornu to make and page 2 has a lot of confetti.

Victoria put in the final stitch for me!

Ps I know the pic is lousy but hubs slr camera has run out of charge and I have no clue how to charge it.


  1. It looks fantastic!! I can not wait to see more, it's going to be amazing watching it grow :)

  2. Can't believe you've managed the first page in 12 days, that's incredible, and it looks brilliant

  3. Very nice indeed. You stitch so darned fast!!!