Friday, 4 November 2011

A Busy Week! And not a STITCH!!

I have been super busy this week. Hallowe'en Monday, one child in school, 2 at  home for Monday and Tuesday then hubs was home from work,
I really did make it crack though when he was home - Wednesday we were off to the supermarket and getting gifts for a 1st birthday and a 21st birthday. We took the kids out for tea later.
Thursday I met my lovely sis and had a cuppa with her and a school friend before coming home and cracking on clearing out our garden with hubby and a couple of friends.

I actually don't feel as though my feet have touched the floor all week.

I haven't done a stitch. Inbetween filling our skip, caring for the children and doing the jobs I have done I am so tired I have been sleeping at every opportunity.

I really want to stitch this weekend so I am going to. No ice hockey fixture so I am getting on with Avarice :-))



  1. Have a lovely stitchy weekend! :)

  2. have a lovely stitching weekend..sending my stitchy fairy wishes for you xx