Wednesday, 16 November 2011

TUSAL anyone??

The lovely DaffyCat has opened the TUSAL for 2012. Details are on her blog and the rules!

The TUSAL is a fun thing., I haven't joined one this year but I have followed lots of them. I have signed up for next year though! Its quite interesting to see the posts.

Getting ready for IHSW although I will be a stitchy session down - Ice Hockey calls on Sunday afternoon. I will just have to make my needle fly on Friday evening and Saturday.

The magazine Victoria is in will be published sometime in the new year so we are eagerly anticipating that, and of course I will blog it for her.

 Well today I am off to the supermarket as its real Mother Hubbard stuff here. Goodness knows what I would do without my Stepdad to take me. Our weekly ritual of shopping is now less painful as he takes the strain and drives us there.

Right, must stop procrastinating and get on!



  1. hi, i also as well signed up for next year...i think it is so much fun..
    have a lovely day with lots of fun xx

  2. I've signed up too.....lots of fun for next year again. Enjoy the ice-hockey.