Sunday, 13 November 2011

Could not wait to post this!!

Avarice has a face! Well, the top half LOL

Her eyes just sort of... appeared. I was stitching away and I could see features forming but then I put down my needle and looked and there they were.. and her nose too. I am working on the jeweled hair decoration on the side of her head. hoping to have this page finished in a couple of days.

I managed to tweak the camera settings on my phone so its a bit of a raw image, but it means you can see the confetti stitches properly and just how many colours have made up the gems. I have been constantly surprised by the palette. You would think that it is all browns and golds but there are a fair few purples and plums and amethyst shades as you can see from the left side of her face. It also looks wonky because I had to de frame the piece and use an 8" hoop instead.



  1. She looks beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more of her. :)

  2. She's gorgeous, I hadn't noticed the purple in there either!

  3. She looks beautiful. It strange what colors pop up in HAED patterns but they do end up looking great.

  4. wow she is looking so lovely xx

  5. Lovely work she looks wonderful.

  6. She is gorgeous - lovely work.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox