Sunday, 27 November 2011

Tired today...

We have been busy working on packing for our new home. My husband is such a magpie! We have thrown away so much stuff, its just not true. He likes to gather. He won't be at the new home tho!
Mind you, having said that, I am a gatherer of craft stuff. My stash is e nor mous!! If you notice I have added a for sale tab and I will be putting a few bits on there in the new year. I have many, many magazines, and some kits that I can easily part with and not miss.
Jon is home now until we move. I am quite glad really as I have had a small crisis with boxes and cannot seem to source any. Its a good job I saved some and had a fair stash. The clearout is keeping me busy!
Anyway, its 11pm and I am going to bed in a mo. Ready to start the last week of our occupancy here, Its so exciting to be finally moving to a bigger, better home. It can only benefit me and my family.

Stitchy update soon xx


  1. Haha..It's amazing how much stuff you can collect without even realizing it.

  2. is true...
    keep well dear xx