Monday, 21 November 2011

IHSW and news!

Well this IHSW I didn't get to do all that much for one reason or another. I am going to make you wait for the pics though until I get out my thoughts.

On Friday I got the call I have been waiting 14 weeks for. Our new family home will be properly ours either later this week or early  next week so we have set a moving date!

We will begin our new life on 3rd December. I will be offline for 12 days until things get sorted with internet access etc. I have my phone, so I may be able to post text but not pics as bizarrely when my phone posts to Blogger it rotates my pictures.

So I probably won't do much... if any.. stitching til around Christmas or maybe even after!

This weekend I barely sat down. I caught myself going backwards! Saturday I went to arrange transfer of our Mortgage deposit and I ordered some of the furniture I want for our house. Of course I was doing this with 3 children in tow so it was not the easiest of situations but I managed. Saturday evening I did some stitching.

On Sunday my girls actually for the first time ever all slept in until 8 am. It was a bit of a shock to my system as I have been used to 6 am starts for many a year now. It was rather nice lying in bed waiting to hear the sound of feet crossing the hall.

Sunday evening we (me, my 2 biggest girls, and my stepfather) went to the Ice Hockey. Our local team is the Sheffield Steelers and the match was full of drama! After scuffles and fights, flying pucks and a few goals we were treated to an extra time win over the Nottingham Panthers from the Steelers. made a rather nice round off to the weekend. I love my Ice Hockey and I am very lucky that I am actually a friend of the owner of the Sheffield Steelers and I get either free or discounted tickets dependent on the match.

I ended the weekend really feeling quite happy and content for the first time in a long time. I woke up this morning knowing I could put things into motion for our move and I have a warm feeling.

And so to Avarice. As I say, I didn't do an awful lot on her. I completed the page midweek so I guess really I probably got all stitched out doing that but anyway. Here's a before and after pic.

My thumb int he bottom pic for good measure!

Until the next update...

Ooh by the way... if you look at the top of my page I am going to do a repair tutorial soon. I helped someone as after they frogged a HAED they managed to break a couple of threads so I thought it would make a good tutorial.. how to mend rather than restart!!



  1. Great progress on Avarice and CONGRATS on the new house!!!! :D I'm so happy and excited for you guys. Post pics when you're all moved in!! :D

  2. Good luck with your new house. Avarice is looking good.

  3. Avarice is coming along! Congrats on the new house! How exciting!!!

  4. avarice is looking so stunning..good luck with your new home.
    love and hugs xx

  5. Well done on the new home, it is very exciting, I am sure. I was looking at Avarice and was wondering what count fabric you are doing her on.

  6. Congratulations on getting your new home!

    Your WIP is just lovely