Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A page finish and lovely news!

Finally finished page 3 of Avarice last night. In the absence of a move stitching is keeping me sane.
Here she is in all her glory and a close up of the finished face for good measure too.

In other news.... the house move we are still waiting for. Its getting a bit silly now.

And I am living with a media star!!

I answered a request for Cross Stitch Crazy magazine for their Crazy Kids feature and my Victoria is going to be featured in issue 160!!

I had a pic of her stitching from when she just started aged 5 and I sent it in, well it caught Lucy's eye and she emailed me to ask for confirmation that she can use the pic! Victoria was so delighted yesterday. She is now watching the letterbox too as there is a prize promised... probably stitchy goodies which will delight her no end I am sure.

Its IHSW this weekend, if you are not sure what it is then look at the lovely Joysze's blog, all will be explained there. Put your name in the list, pick up your needle and get stuck in!



  1. Avarice is looking great and thanks for the heads up re IHSW.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  2. hello dear, avarice is looking so stunning ..well done on finishing the page 3..
    and i am so happy for victoria that she is coming in CSC..i am so much looking forward to seeing her picture..congratulations to you and her..
    keep well and happy IHSW coming. xx

  3. It really looks gorgeous! How exciting to see her face!

  4. She looks amazing!!! That detail is stunning! :D

  5. It's so amazing!! You've done loads of stitching on this! Congrats on getting Victoria in the magazine! Can't wait to see the photo you chose :D

  6. Whooot, Avarice looks amazing!!!! :D

    And that's awesome news about Victoria!! Would you be able to blog that page when the magazine comes out?

  7. I will blog when her page comes out, its likely to be in the new year, the jan/feb issue of Cross Stitch Crazy in the UK. She is, of course, busting to see her pic in there!!

  8. :D lovely page. The colours look stunning. Congrats on the magazines!